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Practice Areas

Administrative Law

With experience serving on and appearing before administrative boards and commissions, Clemmons & Clemons, PLLC is able to offer its clients a unique perspective and legal assistance on matters before administrative bodies.  The procedures adopted by local and state administrative agencies involving rules, regulations, applications, licenses, permits, available information, hearings, appeals and decision-making are complex issues which require such experience. 

 Civil Litigation


The firm offers its clients experienced representation grounded in years of bench and jury trial work in both state and federal courts. Our boutique-sized firm is unique in that, despite its size, it provides experienced litigation support in all of its practice areas. 

Clemmons & Clemons, PLLC possesses the litigation experience and skills required to ably defend our clients or pursue a monetary judgment or injunctive relief on their behalf.  While settlement or mediation may be preferred, our attorneys enjoy the opportunity to try lawsuits when necessary and in the client's best interest.



Trademark Registration

Clemmons & Clemons, PLLC registers trademarks on the state and federal levels. In seeking to facilitate and grow the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of Nashville, the firm also regularly provides legal services to entrepreneurs, writers, performers, visual artists, publishers, producers, and various other creative and ambitiously talented individuals.



John Ray Clemmons is a Rule 31 Listed General Civil Mediator, having been approved by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission of the Tennessee Supreme Court.


As a General Civil Mediator, John Ray helps parties avoid drawn out litigation and saves them precious time and money by resolving civil disputes and cases prior to trial.  He also helps resolve intra-office, partnership and other business disputes prior to the initiation of formal litigation.


The offices of Clemmons & Clemons, PLLC feature two conference rooms and ample free parking to comfortably host mediations on-site. 





Clemmons & Clemons, PLLC has an active appellate practice.  Having successfully argued issues on appeal before the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Tennessee Court of Appeals, our attorneys possess the knowledge and experience to defend your lower court ruling or give you a second chance on a disputed legal issue.


 Defense of Claims

Multiple small businesses and large corporations rely on Clemmons & Clemons, PLLC to defend their business interests and reputations from claims initiated by plaintiffs seeking financial compensation.  Our attorneys have successfully defended and resolved claims on behalf of international, national and local companies and actively seek the opportunity to represent and protect your company.


Being sued and having to defend yourself and your business from claims is a stressful situation.  We work to limit your risks, minimize your legal fees and protect the business that you have worked so hard to grow.

 Business Law +  Litigation


The firm offers a wide array of legal services to businesses of all sizes. Business formation, business litigation, contracts and employee/employer disputes are just a few of the legal services we offer our business clients.


The formation of any business entity can be complicated and confusing without professional advice. We can work with a qualified accountant or tax professional to help individuals choose the right form of business entity for their company's particular needs and legally form that entity.


When it comes to contracts and business litigation, we are able to handle matters "from the cradle to the grave."  Contracts and agreements must be negotiated, and the increased risk of liability must be considered. With ample litigation experience, we are able to negotiate and draft contracts aimed at avoiding future litigation. However, disputes are sometimes unavoidable, and in those instances, we are capable of litigating the contracts.


Employment issues must be addressed with any business. Several preemptive measures are available to avoid disputes between employees and employers.  We routinely advise both on the best ways to begin, work through, and end employment relationships.


From the start-up business to the well-established corporation, our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to address your business issues and help keep your business running smoothly.


 Personal Injury

Clemmons & Clemons, PLLC regularly defends personal injury claims, and it also represents individuals who have been injured as a result of the negligence of others. Our attorneys' courtroom experience at both tables, combined with our detailed case preparation plan, allows us to provide clients a unique perspective and analysis, lay out realistic expectations of recovery, and assist them in navigating the burdens of litigation.


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