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Our Law Firm

The offices of Clemmons & Clemons, PLLC are located in downtown Nashville on Union Street, between 4th and 5th Avenue North.    


John Ray and Michael are as comfortable in a boardroom as they are in a courtroom.  They pride themselves on being available to clients around the clock, strategically advising clients on preemptive measures, seeking creative solutions to legal issues, and working to resolve matters in an expeditious fashion.  In so doing, they save clients’ valuable time and money, as well as stress. 

Our boutique law firm provides civil litigation, mediation and general practice services. The firm is the result of John Ray Clemmons' and J. Michael Clemons' shared entrepreneurial spirit combined with their mutual passion for the practice of law.  John Ray and Michael formed Clemmons & Clemons, PLLC for two reasons.  First, they wanted the opportunity to provide their growing roster of clients with more personalized and cost-efficient legal representation.  They also wanted to provide high-level, competent legal representation to entrepreneurs and young professionals at an affordable price in an atmosphere conducive to creative minds and ambitious personalities.  


Middle Tennessee's ambitious professionals and business owners require legal assistance to kick start their entrepreneurial endeavors, protect their businesses, navigate their professional careers, and guide them and their families along the way.  John Ray and Michael possess a unique understanding of their legal needs and speak their language.

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